The story of a photographer

At the age of fifteen I remember picking up a camera and helping my dad take pictures at a wedding. I will never forget it because that was the day I knew I wanted to photograph people in whatever way possible for a very long time! I was born and raised in church but it wasn't until I was eighteen that I fully gave myself to understand the Love of Jesus for me. This love and compassion I felt from God flowed over into my work for people and wanting to show people just how beautiful and loved each person is, in front or behind my camera. I am captivated by natural light and clean imagery. Interior Design also taught me how to see color and texture in its truest form and I want that to also show in my images.

My camera has taken me more places than I could ever imagine. I hope you see just how real life is when you look at each image but also see just how beautiful it is despite your flaws seen or unseen. Theres not much to my story, I had a dream and God opened the door, so I decided to take a leap of faith and go! God is good!! This is my story and God keeps it coming with surprises and opening up the doors so your welcome to follow me on instagram as I share more of life as it unfolds.


Graham & Ellen

“They are to die for!!!! I’m in love so good”

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