I don't know about you but i want to be washed by the water and come out clean.

I want to be washed by gods word and come out clean.

I haven't had much to say because I know what God is doing in me and His Word is all you need.

I want to share what I know is true. These video's I have shared below are of Gods word being spoken and taught by man so that we better understand what it means to be clean and washed by the Word of God. There are allot of things changing as they always will BUT Gods word and Gods love stay the same. It's important to know , walk and learn , so that you can be clean and teach the truth in love.

Many do not want to hear this love because it pierces the deep and dark places. Its purpose is to make you clean , so that you can walk in the light and experience this love that Jesus talks about.

The world changes Gods word and wants to get rid of Gods word to live a safe and immoral life, one without Jesus. A life that allows you to do any and everything you want. The world wants to get rid of Gods word because it doesn't give way or make room for sin and darkness. This is why there will always be conflict here because when you are truly operating in the Word of God and living it out you will get ridiculed , hated or disliked . I too used to want to play it safe and be liked by others but once I realized in order to be clean and made whole it will also take receiving and telling the truth in Love.

So I am here to share a few videos that I hope you take the time to watch, it may be hard to receive especially if you have already sided with the world and its beliefs, But God is good , he wants you to know that truth so that you can be made clean. Are you ready and equipped for speaking the truth in love in this dark world?

Much love and many blessings to all of you. Jesus loves you.